Lost Property from A Wasted Youth

Back in the dark days of the troubles in Northern Ireland .. in the early eighties … there was a club in an old ballroom … called the Plaza ..

It was bring your own … was as rough and ready as could be and was full of a mixture of Belfasts underground nightlife .. goths, punks , mods , new romantics , disco kids and the boystown gang

It was here that I first heard all of the music that led me into being a DJ … it was here i first heard Bauhaus, The Smiths, Sisters of Mercy , Cocteau Twins, Talking Heads , Magazine , The Doors, Joy Division , New Order, Electro , Disco, Hip Hop, Nina Simone …………. all the really good stuff …

In the few years before it closed it would also have been where I first heard early House Music …………

It was absolutely brilliant .. I cannot describe what it was like when i first walked into that place and was blown away by the style of the people and the dark sleazy edge it all had .. i felt like i had discovered another world .. away from suburban boredom and the dark depressing news of the troubles …

I was hooked instantly and have never looked back …

For anyone else reading this who was there … theres an ace facebook group over at


heres a mix of tunes from that era

Still Ill The Smiths
Blitzkrieg Bop (Single Version) The Ramones 
A Message To You Rudy The Specials
Jungle Boogie Kool & The Gang 
Shannon – Let The Music Play 
Once In A Lifetime The Talking Heads
Love Is Drug Roxy Music 
The Clash – Rock the Casbah (Ny Mix ) 
Panic – The Smiths
(I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear  Blondie
Guns of Navarone Specials 
She Sells Sanctuary – Cult 
Temptation (7-Inch Mix) New Order 
Chant No. 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On) (US Remix) Spandau Ballet 
The Village New Order 
I am a Passenger Iggy Pop 
Uncertain Smile The The  


http://rapidshare.com/files/353223923/LostPropertyfromwastedYouth.mp3  ( mp3 link by request )


7 Responses to “Lost Property from A Wasted Youth”

  1. Super Lyndon

  2. anorthcountrybhoy Says:

    Getting ready for my Friday night out – and i cudn’t have picked a better soundtrack than this


  3. steelrat38 Says:

    Thank You for comments 🙂 …

  4. anorthcountrybhoy Says:

    This is fuckin’ brilliant!

    If it’s ok i’ll post this on my blog with a link to here?

  5. is there an mp3 version available for us not microsoft peoples? it looks quite good and comes with HIGH recommendations from the northern soul dude. thanks.

  6. steelrat38 Says:

    Kevin .. i will convert it to mp3 and upload that also tonight 🙂

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