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Silent Night – Nathan Fake

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Well it is Christmas Eve … so heres a little version of Silent Night that was released a few years ago by Nathan Fake on limited 7 inch single ………….  again a fairly straight take on Silent Night but one that works fairly well and makes a achange from the usual terrible cheesy Christmas song

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War Is Over ( If You Want It )

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I play this record out every Christmas and it never fails to get a reaction , nothing more echoes the sentiment of the season of goodwill more than a genuine desire for peace amongst men ……….

Its fairly simple but fairly effective taking the sax from Imagine and adding a beat …. beautiful

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Night of the Wolf

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What can i saw about this 1975 released funk record by Al Foster .. it has it all … copies go for at least £50 on ebay .. essential B Boy record
Al Foster incidentally  played with Miles Davis’s large funk fusion group in the 70s, was one of the few people to have contact with Miles during his retirement, and was also part of his in the 80s. He was the only musician to play in Miles’ band for both periods.

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Defcon – BeatsbyDefcon

Posted in Uncategorized on December 17, 2009 by steelrat38

Defcon is a multi-instrument playing Hip Hop producer from Belfast who is really rather talented

Twisted digital Boom-Bap with a busted smoke detector kind of vibe.

Here is an original Defcon track and two versions of his Jamie Lidell remix … all rather great in our book

Edan – Echo Party ( Snippet )

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After Edan labored for a year to complete his new project Echo Party he was very happy with the outcome but wanted it to have a visual accompaniment to help compliment his live DJ set. He approached Tom Fitzgerald who also happens to be Cut Chemists go to video guy and film archivist who works for the The Silent Theatre in LA. What has been created in nothing short of a perfect visual marriage for the unmistakably unique album. There will be a full length version for the whole album with a party at The Silent Theatre in LA to debut the full length video in early 2010 (and yes Mr. Edan will be DJing). For now peep this shorter version and dont forget to check out the album Echo Party out now on new boutique label Five Day Weekend.

BacK To The Piano Magic

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Another great edit where someone takes a total classic that is top of the game but manages to work a little bit of re edit magic in and turn it into something that keeps all of the original elements and essence that made it so good in the first place … but yet gives it that little extra oooompph ………… Continue reading

BossaRocker – Break onThrough

Posted in Uncategorized on December 16, 2009 by steelrat38

What can I say about this genius of an edit except that its fairly rare , it took me a while to track it down .. and it never ever ever fails to get a party started

The genius is the recognition of the latin feel in the original record which is then expanded into the basis of the whole track which romps along at a fair pace with some great build ups and release of tension .. Add a few great spoken vocal snippets from the man himself … and the original track coming in for the money shot at the end ……   dancefloor dynamite …………..

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